Semalt Knows How To Use Google Ads

When it comes to marketing your SEO, Google provides websites like yours, some of the best ways to do this. Using Google ads or Adsence is another excellent way to get the most out of your SEO and get thousands of viewers to your website. 

Semalt has been using this tool to put websites on the screen of internet viewers. If you’ve been following our guide on how to get on the first page, you will understand why using a tool like this can make all the difference. 

Having a company like Semalt to back you on your journey to greatness is one of the best decisions you'll make as a website owner. This is because Semalt has over ten years of experience in creating great websites that make it not only to the first page but also rank 1st on SERP. 

We understand that running an online business is no joke. This becomes much more severe if you have to compete with old and established websites with unlimited funding like Amazon, whose marketing budget alone is probably the net worth of your company. This makes it much harder for you to get to the first page of search engines SERP. Even with good use of SEO, your website would have to spend months or years before it can find its way to Google's first page. This is where PPC adverts or google ads can make all the difference. Google AdWords is Google’s advertising service that allows businesses to display their ads on Google’s search result pages at a price. These ads can come at the Top or Bottom of Google SERP, but they are usually designed in a way that catches the eye.  

Using Google AdWords is a common and effective way for websites to let viewers know the services they provide with the hope that this will bring more traffic to their site. We believe that this tool can be helpful, so we would like to share some pro tips for using Google AdWords for your business. 

Advantages of Using Google AdWords

When it comes to advertising on the internet, it doesn't get much better than this. Google is the largest search engine that translates to the website with the highest amount of traffic. Using Google AdWords is a way of tapping from its traffic by placing ads. This translates to more views for your ads and possibly more customers for your business. But this isn't the only reason why Google ads are so great, here are some other reasons. 

Precise Targeting

With Google’s many targeting options, you can target your audience with great precision. Do you remember our article on audience targeting and its benefits? This feature ensures you put your ads on the screen of viewers that are most likely to find your content engaging. Business owners can filter these potential buyers on several bases, such as geographical location, age, keywords, and more. To make it all the more interesting, Google also allows businesses to select the time of day they want their ads to be displayed.

This feature provides many benefits for local businesses because research has shown that up to 50% of its viewers tend to visit the store that very day.  

Target Specific Devices 

After a 2013 update on Google AdWords, users can select the types of devices they want their ads to be displayed on. This feature makes it possible for businesses to select their ads to be shown on laptops, tablets, or even mobile phones. They took it a step further by allowing users to choose their ads to be displayed on specific operating systems like Windows or iPhones. 

Pay Only For Results 

This is considered the best feature of the google ad campaign. This is because you get to pay for clicks and not just views. This way, your money isn't going to waste. This is where we get the name Pay  Per Click advertising model. This way, you can advertise, and you pay only when the ad yields results.  

Performance Tracking

Google Ads lets you track the performance of your ads to have a sense of what needs corrections or adjustments. This means you get specific data on things like the number of viewers, click, and the action others took after seeing your ad. According to google ads, businesses make an average of $2 for every $1 spent on ads. This means using google ads is profitable for your business. However, this isn't true for every industry.

Building your Google ads account

Pay Per Click mode of advertising is a powerful marketing tool. However, businesses can only enjoy their benefits if it is used smartly and professionally. Before you begin using your Adwords account, you should figure out your objectives. You shouldn’t get caught up in sweet thought of having more sales and rush to begin. Online advertising will need you to be very specific about what you have to offer. In reality, hardly will consumers buy products from you on their first visit to your website. The key is to create and nourish a relationship to build trust and confidence in your ability to deliver.  

For this reason, there can be several reasons why a business would want to use Google AdWords. They include: 
  • Generating sales
  • Registrations
  • Email sign-ups
  • Lead Generation
  • Enhancing brand awareness and recall value

Landing Page

A landing page is a URL or a webpage on which your visitors land after clicking on your advertisement. Getting the clicks isn't all that matters. It is only the beginning of acquiring recurring clients. If you have a terrible landing page, visitors will click only to leave because they didn’t get what they were expecting. This becomes a disadvantage because you begin to pay for clicks that won't get converted. A great landing page is crucial to the success of your AdWords campaign because it helps you optimize your website and convert visitors into leads or customers.

Setting up Google AdWords Account

Step 1: Sign Up

The first step you will take is to create an account by going to the Google AdWords website and signing up with your Google account. If you haven't created a Google account yet, you will have to create one. It would help if you didn't get worried or bothered because this would only take you a couple of minutes. Once you fill up all the necessary details, you will land on the next page to create your first campaign.  On that page, you would be asked to perform specific duties like 
Choosing your budget, who is your target audience, setting your bids, and writing your Ad description? 

Step 2: Set Your Budget

Defining a budget is the foremost task on the list as it will determine the ad features made available to you. By defining the daily budget, you will never have to worry about spending too much in a single day by ensuring you never cross your expenditure limits. The best way to figure how much you're willing to spend on this is by knowing the number of visitors you intend to have each day. Once you're done, you input your budget in your currency and save to move to the next step. 

Step 3: Select Your Target Audience

In this step, you get to specify the geographical location of your audience. Your services may not be made available for everyone across the globe, so to ensure you don't spend more than needed, you have to choose the location of your target audience. 

Step 4: Choose a Network

The next step is to choose which you prefer between Google’s Search Network and Display Network. This choice is critical because you get to decide if you want your ads to be placed on google SERP (search Network) or if you want your ads to be displayed on any website that shows ads (display network)

Step 5: Choose Your Keywords

Keywords are the search terms or phrases a user enters into Google’s search box. These are the words google uses to link your ads with the searches users input. With google ads, you can choose about 15-290 keywords that may trigger your ad to appear on the SERP. You may decide to start with a few and increase the number as time goes is also safer to choose a few strong keywords than to fill up all the columns with keywords that aren’t active. 

Do you remember when we said Google ads work like a bidding system? Well, keywords with high search volumes are more likely to be extremely expensive to bid for. So choosing more keywords or choosing keywords with high search volume may end up costing you a couple $$$ more. 

Step 6: Set Your Bid

At this stage, you determine how much you are willing to bid. Here, you state how much you're willing to pay for every click. Google uses this to favour clients so you can buy or outbid your competition to have your ad show first every time.  

Pro tip always runs multiple ads. The larger the number of ads, the better your chances of success!!!